A poem from the lowest point in my life

I want to continue to push to share some of the most vulnerable sides to me. I won’t explain now, but 2019–2020 was the worst time of my life — and it had nothing to do with the pandemic. A depression that threatened to take my life every.single.day. …


I want to discuss the feeling that you just have to sit with a breaking heart.
the weight is heavy
and the movement tight
they cut you, in the most dishonorable way

the healing will finish when it wants to
there is no choice but to wait
the only control you have…

We can’t chase happiness when it never left in the first place

When you ask a person, “what is your goal in life?”, often the answer is, “to be happy”, which comes at no surprise. Everyone wants to feel happy, for what would life be without the beautiful feeling of joy in existence?

Much of the human condition is chasing after that…

How to recognize the signs and understand what a healthy relationship doesn't look like

You are in love. You believe your heart belongs to this person. You care for them and feel that warm-tingling feeling whenever you hear their voice or see their name pop-up on your screen. You have found the one you want to be with — but love isn’t the only…

Arielle C.

Here to be a catalyst for honesty and starting conversations about the tough stuff. Artist, mental health advocate, spiritual student.

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